The important things about Organic Vegetable Gardening.

Organic food products these days have shown that the old way of using fertilizers and pesticides is harmful to our health. This means we need to change our approach and try something else. The idea of ​​organic and vegetable farming is not new, as ancient civilizations have been doing this for years. We had somehow forgotten that modern science could help us produce better crops.

But if we go back to the basics, we realize that the resources needed for this work are right in front of us. The first is soil. Although 2/3 of the land is made of water, the rest is used for basic agriculture purposes, while a significant percentage is earmarked for agriculture. The second thing you need is water. The ancestors used an efficient irrigation system to move water from rivers to the land they planted. These days, we have the technology to divert water into these areas using pipes. When it has not rained for a long time, we can produce artificial rain.

The third is sunlight. We may not be able to control its movement, but if we can plant our crops in an area with adequate exposure to the sun, everything we plant will grow. But farmers should be careful before sowing the seeds and harvesting them. Crops are threatened by insects. This is why people are advised to use other insects, birds and frogs. Organic fertilizers also come into play, some of which include compost, fertilizer and cover crop.

Soil grown on vegetables may not be ready to plant the same crops, so maintain its fertility and encourage farmers to rotate their crops. To ensure that the organic vegetable gardeners are doing it properly, the Department of Agriculture, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture, or IFOM, which has been in operation since 1972, understands that certain standards exist.

Some would argue that organic farming does not produce the same amount of yield as those who use fertilizers and pesticides. However, this is true, and in times of drought, these crops can still survive because there is still enough water for groundwater. This means that farmers can still harvest and that there is a constant supply of commodities in the market.

The demand for organic vegetables is expected to grow in the future. This is because more people are getting into food security issues and how this is affecting the environment. You can do your part by experimenting with the organic vegetable garden in your backyard. The things you need are very affordable. You need to practice what farmers do in the fields.

In fact, such information can now be found in books and online, so do some research and put it into practice. It’s fun and rewarding to see what you’ve been working on for weeks now at your dinner table. You should remember that at the time, there were only a few skilled jobs and one of them was a farmer.

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