The basic rose types for Rose Gardens.

There are two main types of roses: bush roses and climbing roses. Both of these classifications are based purely on growth trends. Bush roses grow from 1 foot to 6 feet and need no support. Climbing roses produce a long cane each year that requires some support. Bush roses are classified according to flowering habits, winter hardiness, and other characteristics. Hybrid teas and floribundas are of this type: pollinants, hybrid perpetual, shrubs, old-fashioned, tree or standard, miniature.

Hybrid Tea: Hybrid tea is the most widely grown and popular of all types of roses. Called monthly or ever-blooming roses, these are grown in the beds of the Rose Garden and florists under the glass. When the word “rose” is used, it usually refers to a hybrid tea breed. Most hybrid teas are winter hardy in temperate parts of the country, but varieties vary in cold resistance. In severe winter sections, practically all breeds need some protection.

Floribundas: Floribunda roses carry their flowers in groups, and many of the flowers resemble hybrid tea. They are growing in popularity, especially for planting beds that require lots of flowers. As a rule, floribunda varieties are hardy: they tolerate neglect more than any other type of rose, except for some shrubs. While some are great for cutting, hybrid tea is not a replacement for this purpose.

Polyanthus: Polyantha roses are distinguished from floribundas by their small flowers, which grow into large clusters. They are closely related to the many roses that are climbing and are very similar in shape and size to individual flowers. Polyanthalls are hardy and can be grown in many varieties that are difficult to grow hybrid tea. Their main use is in bedding or other perennial areas. They are great for group planting.

Hybrid Perpetuals: Hybrid Perpetuals are June roses in Grandpa’s garden. Their flowers are large. Generally, they have little modification of hybrid tea. As their name implies, they are always considered to be flowering types, although most of them do not carry in the growing season like hybrid teas. Provided with good cultural care and proper pruning, they usually develop large and rigid bushes. They are very hardy and without winter temperature protection.

Shrub Roses: Roses in shrubs are a variety of wild animals, hybrids and varieties. It develops an open bush-type growth that is useful in general landscape work. They are tough in all sections of the country. Although their flowers do not produce equal or other types of roses, many carry very attractive seed pods in the fall. They have very good foliage, and some are very useful for hedges or screen planting.

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