Interesting things about Orchid Flower.

Next to roses, orchids are the most sought-after flower in the private and commercial market.No plant family has different flowers like an orchid family. Orchids grow in all parts of the world except Antarctica and deserts. Most African orchids are white, and Asian orchids are generally colorful.

Some orchids grow only one flower on each stalk, while others can have up to 100 flowers in a single spike. When not in bloom, orchids resemble wild grasses or palm trees. They can be classified according to the way their nutrients are recovered. Most of these species are found in tropical, damp broadleaf forests or mountains. These orchids anchor to other plants, mostly trees.

However, they are not considered a parasite. There are a few species that grow naturally in rocks or rocks. Both species receive their nutrients from the atmosphere. Even from rainwater, litter, humus, and even their own dead tissue.

Orchids are one of the most suitable plant groups on Earth. Some Australian orchids grow almost entirely underground. The orchids we plant in our gardens are called terrestrial plants and are planted in the soil like any other flower.m If your area is not suitable for growing orchids, you can still grow them in a hothouse.

The Orchid seeds are very small. Under natural conditions, the seeds can germinate only with a specific fungus. It takes one to ten years for an orchid to mature. The ideal place for growing orchids is a bright window free from drafts, where your plants get indirect sunlight in the morning and afternoon. (A southern window is best.) In winter, give the orchids all the light they can. It is like a bright window facing south. With extra-large windows or especially intense sunlight, you can adjust the light down by removing plants from the window by 18 to 36 inches.

Home plants need more light intensity because they only receive light from one direction, while a greenhouse receives light from many different directions. A commercial orchid type is important except for the value of flowers. The vanilla orchid is used as a spice and is definitely the source of vanilla.

The underground tubers of terrestrial orchids are used for cooking in a powder. Coca Cola Company is the world’s largest vanilla user. Because flowers are hand-pollinated by vanilla, vanilla is such a labor-intensive crop, making it ideal for small family farms.

With these exceptions, orchids have no commercial value except for the enjoyment of flowers. Tropical and tropical orchids are available at nurseries and orchid clubs around the world.

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