How to use seeds for best result ?

This is a huge problem that many people face. It may sound trivial, but for a farmer, the problem is serious. Therefore, many depend on seedlings for sale in nurseries. Some of the most common folk varieties are available in nurseries.. There is only one problem if you understand one or two fundamentals. Only quality seeds should be used. Use coarse and coarse hybrid seeds. Do not use stale seeds.


Put on sunlight for 5 minutes before sowing, then put in water for 4 hours. Avoid putting lentils in water. Do not put in more than 1-2 hours.
There are 98 traps and 50 columns  of planting trays in the market. Trays should be transplanted at the right time. Paper cups or plastic cups can be used to sow large seeds.

The medium used for sowing seeds can be many. If 50% earthworm compost and 50% mulch compost, it is best. It can be 50% charcoal compost and 50% dung powder. Not just the composting compost. But the sprinkler should be sprinkled with cow dung. Whatever the medium, you can add some trichoderma or pseudomonas. Add any one. Only 3/4 of the tray can be filled. After germination, fill the rest. Depending on the size of the seed it should be decided how low it is to be lowered in the medium. If you are planting a one-centimetre-long doll, plant it one and a half centimetres lower. Planting should be done by putting the sharp side up.

The moisture content of the seeding medium should not be excessive. This is one of the main reasons why seeds don’t germinate. The seeds should not be squeezed by pressing the sowing medium. This level of moisture should be maintained until seed germination. There is an easy way to do this. Cover the tray with a transparent plastic and attach 4 trunks of plastic sheeting to the bottom of the tray. It does not need to be changed until seed germination. It says no to water. Keep it in the shade. When the seeds germinate, place the plastic tray in the sun. If there is no plastic sheet, cover the tray with a damp cotton cloth. Use a spray with a hand sprayer only when needed to keep the clothes dry.


When the seeds are germinating, they should get at least 50% sun. When placing the tray, put the blanket in the oven or with fine powdered charcoal. Dampness should not be excessive.
Seedlings should be planted in a timely manner. When transplanting into the groove bag there should be no damage to the roots and the surrounding media. When planting, it is advisable to shade the groove bag for one or two days.

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