How to set up a Butterfly gardening.

What is Butterfly Gardening? Simply put, Butterfly Gardening is the art of growing flowers and plants that attract these colorful and beautiful creatures to your garden. Enjoy your family and visitors with beautiful butterflies, but be sure to create a safe habitat for them. If you have cats, rethink your plans, as it is a shame to attract these beautiful insects to their death.

Designing your butterfly garden is a personal preference. Common points to consider are the size of your garden and the types of flowers and plants you want to grow. Choose a style garden that will appeal to you, but make sure it contains plants and flowers that attract the butterflies you want to attract.

It is important to find out which plants and flowers attract butterflies. It lives in your area.  To create the kind of atmosphere they find appealing, you need some kind of water. A bird sanctuary will be attractive and will keep butterflies off the ground, away from stray cats or desperate puppies. A shallow dish in a post or hanging on a tree will do the same.

When planting your butterfly garden, notice how you coordinate the colors you choose for your flowerbeds. Although butterflies don’t care about your color choices, you don’t want your garden to be a hodgepodge of unrelated colors and textures. The pollen attracts butterflies like beehive, milkweed, summer lilac, valerian, daisies, purple flower, yellow sage, day lilies and lavender.

Some people may find it helpful to draw and paint the layout of their Butterfly Gardening Plan to see what the finished product will look like. Keep in mind that warm and warm colors like red and orange are bright and beautiful. These colors are more influenced by the strong green background. Colors such as blue and purple are crisp and soft, but work best with white intensity and create a look of freshness and brightness.


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