How to produce fresh flowers at your house.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, or any holiday season, you may notice that the value of flowers is slightly higher. Even if the price makes you shiny, it won’t slow you down when you have to pay. After all, you give them to a special friend or a special event, and the extra costs can cause smiles and happiness. But when you think about it, fresh flowers are a year-round adventure that makes everyone happy every day of the year. Use a garden box or a backyard. If you talk about it in the right way and make it fun and calm, it’s not too hard.

Where to grow your new flowers?

For the most part, you are bound by the ecological space you thought you could grow. If you have the space, you can grow flowers in a greenhouse or a hothouse, but you can also grow flowers in your bathroom window sill. Really, fresh flowers everywhere can be grown all year round, but your private courtyard outside is excellent and enjoyable. All you need is a good patch of dirt that does not use the soil condition as a bad construction waste area. Start by taking a sample survey of your land to the Groundgrounds or the Educational Reentry Center, and amend as needed. From another visual side, go to the yard center and collect organic manure and grow flowers from this medium.

What kind of new flowers you need to grow?

there is; Annual flowers bloom in one season and then bloom, perennial flowers that bloom annually, and biennial flowers that bloom in the second season. All are great flowers, but if you are going to do it right, you can also go for perennials that return season after season. When you choose new flowers, they will consider the weather they produce and make time for them all year round. In early spring, a flower will come out and plant it for that flowering time. As the season progresses, some parts of your garden will be planted according to that time, providing the maximum growing conditions for the time when the flower blooms. For example; Carnations form in the middle of summer. They bloom in the fall from the beginning of summer, but really advance in the middle of autumn. Plan for this part of the year, but be aware that cutting and giving them is by season. Also, cutting them actually makes them more blooming and looks better during peak season.

$ 100 hole for a $ 30 plant

You will want to plant one and plant your garden season after season. The placement part is the hard part, so doing it once is a great way to learn about it. Make your hole a little deeper, then plant the root ball, a few inches wide. Put some organic manure on the bottom. Make another hole in the organic manure to plant. The top of the plant rootball must be above ground level. Press any air pockets that fill the fertilizer and fill it with more organic fertilizer. Make a soil dish around the plant to hold water. Provide plant nitro 0 gen once a month.

Feed and cut.

Once the plant is rooted, it will need food and care after a few months. When a flowering flower grows, it must consume some energy and renew this energy. Importantly, nitrogen is the main nutrient needed. Potash and potassium are required, so check the back of the seed pack or a plant information tag for the required quantities. Cut regularly to encourage growth, but be careful not to cut the flowers for an entire season.

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