How to prevent birds from your fruit garden ?

If you are lucky enough to get a cherry tree in your yard, I am sure I will not tell you how much you enjoy them. Eating delicious cherries derived from your tree can be a rewarding experience. It is also rewarding to see the magnificent and glorious cherry tree from your rear window. The fact that you have a cherry tree attracts most people, because non-gardeners consider them to be some kind of exotic plant.

But there are also many annoyances with the joys of getting a cherry tree. They seem to attract more unwanted species than any other plant in the world. Almost every day a new type of pestilence appears to be overgrown, trying to suck a bunch of its delicious fruit. I can’t say that I blame them, but if they want to eat delicious fruit, they must grow their own trees.

One of the major and persistent problems that most people deal with is that birds eat fruit from the tree. Getting rid of this pest is almost impossible. After all, they can come from any angle and get away quickly with cherries. Or they can be found on the branches and munch all day. A bird certainly has its variety. Those little ones are a small problem to catch or repel. However, there are many ways you can keep birds away from your home.

One of the best ways to keep birds away is to place a plastic owl near the house. If you find any animal that usually eats birds and buys the plastic version, then the actual birds are usually enough to avoid it. These may include snakes, animals, or predators (okay, they may not eat regular birds, but for some reason they may scare the birds). This is available on your nearest gardening store. If you want another version or a more life-like representation, if you look online, you are sure to find something that works.

If you get a plastic animal of any kind, it usually solves the bird problem for a while. However, some birds are really brave (or really  idiots) and will continue to eat from your tree. Almost any reflective surface or serious material will prevent the birds from getting too close. I personally prefer to use reflective tape designed to scare the birds away. You can buy it at any gardening store. I usually use it with a large collection of wind chimes for maximum fear. Once you’ve got a plastic animal, reflective material, and gaseous material, almost all birds aren’t even afraid to go close.

Although creatures that move through the air may take a little more than their fruit, you should consider leaving a tree for them. Although they may sometimes seem like a pest, birds are one of the things that grows in your garden. If you have birds and if you suddenly scare everyone, you may feel that something is missing from your yard. Inside, something that you all really love.

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