How to pack Orchid and Anthurium after harvest ?

Orchid and Anthurium are two of the marketable flowers. Let us take a look at the steps that have been taken after plucking these flowers exported abroad. This article describes how to pack orchid and Anthurium in very nice way.

How to pack Orchid


Fifty percent of the flowers in the inflorescence can be harvested when they hatch. These can be stored for 10 to 14 days at 8-13 ° C. When packing and unloading the poles should be wrapped in moist cotton wool or tissue paper. When you reach the destination, cut the poles together and dip them in good water. You need to add some sugar to it. Occasionally sprayer should be sprayed with water. Flowers should be kept away from sunlight, heat, fan or air conditioner. Spray cold water for 15 minutes before packing.


The bouquets need a good reassurance. Spadix and Florets should be well spread. Keep the poles dipped in cold water and keep them at 13 ° C for 3-5 weeks. You can use any of the following chemicals to keep the flowers from getting damaged. These materials are used in PPM. Should be used as a measure. How many ppm Add as many milligrams of chemicals per liter of water as possible. 73.0 ppm. Sodium chloride, 500 ppm. A mixture of benzoic acid and 1% seven-drink (soft drink) can be kept in the flower for two weeks.

Cut flowers should not be hot or cold. Water should be sprayed frequently. Dip the withered flowers in warm water to eliminate the rust. Wax can also be preserved.

How to pack Orchid

How to Pack Orchid and Anthurium ?

The hydration of the flowers should be removed before packing. Packing with moisture can cause bacteria and fungi to grow. Flowers should not be infected with fungicides / insecticides when collected from the garden. If there is, the interstitial fungicide should be sprayed with pesticides.

It is best to sprinkle the sugar solution and ethylene antidote on the flowers to prevent ethylene infusion before packing. Flowers should be packed in folds, wrinkles and airtight boxes. The flowers should be kept at 98-98.5% humidity until they are loaded. Flowers are now being flown to the destination as soon as possible. These have secure shelves for flowers.

I hope you got simple idea about how to pack Orchid and Anthurium flowers in simple way. We will provide more information about gardening and flowers on our entire website.

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