How to keep mosquitoes out of your summer garden ?

Our summer gardens are full of all kinds of pests at one time or another. A very unwelcome mosquito is a pest that has health consequences for many species that may be a welcome addition to your summer garden habitat. Keep reading to find out what steps you can take to prevent your private space from being attacked by mosquitoes and keep your friends, families, and animals safe and secure in your summer garden.

One way to reduce your exposure to mosquitoes is to reduce your ability to breed. For breeding they need to be laid in standing water, and you can remove as many breeding sources as possible by keeping your lawn and summer garden free from any debris. rain. This means that you need to keep your depth clean and free of debris, take out all the cans and bottles and make sure they are placed inside the waste pile. Always keep lid on trash cans and change animal containers daily.

Burn citronella oil. This is very effective at dusk, as it not only provides a natural repellent for mosquitoes, it can also make your summer garden a little better, but it also provides a light that adjusts to your own mood to enjoy in a summer garden environment. In addition to oil, Citronella candles, repellants, and spraying or rubbing on your skin with natural ingredients can give you more protection from these dangerous pests.

You can also find garlic-based mosquito repellent items to make your garden mosquitoes, flies and ticks uninhabitable. This is a little different than Citronella because it applies to your lawn and garden area rather than burns to the skin.

Another thing you can do to make your garden a habitat for mosquitoes is to repel mosquitoes. There is no such thing as a large fish in the sea to drive the small fish to different hunting grounds. Plant trees, shrubs and shrubs that attract mosquito-eating birds. This will provide a lot of nutrition for these birds while reducing the number of mosquitoes to snack at a time. Purple Martins is known for eating mosquitoes and a great addition to any summer garden (not just for this reason).

Plant lime thyme in your summer garden. It is believed to be effective against mosquitoes if you crush the leaves. Choosing this plant for your garden can help you get rid of mosquitoes naturally without the odor in the process, which is why rubs, sprays and oils cannot always be claimed.

Mosquitoes have become a major problem in the summer garden because they carry the fear of West Nile virus and other diseases from one person to another. For this reason, controlling the population and limiting our contact with these harmful animals is more important than ever. Most of us want to do this without adding new risks due to chemical exposure. Hopefully this article has provided you with many natural alternatives when it comes to controlling the number of mosquitoes in your summer garden.

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