How to Grow and use the Microgreens ?

There is a large number of us who want to eat crops that are grown and harvested. Many people plant and moisturize as much as they can. But this is not always feasible. Those who live in the flat have difficulties in this regard. Cultivation will be confined to one area of ​​the balcony. But microgreens are one of the most practically developed. We can grow our own vegetables in the kitchen or on the balcony, without much care on the farm or with great care, fertilizers and pesticides.


What is microgreens ?

Microgreen is a very small seedling that grows from seed. Harvesting should be done within 15 days of germination. The microgreen is composed of two small spermatozoa, one with a short, slender one. Including legumes can be used for growing more than two leaves.

Spinach microgreens have more nutritional value than any leafy greens we commonly use. Many people have the habit of growing legumes already. But it is only a little more.

Which seeds use ?

We can use all the available seeds for microgreen preparation. All seeds, including alfalfa, whole grains, can be grown as microgreens. You can also use fenugreek and mustard seeds.


How to grow Microgreens ?

They can be grown in plastic trays, grow bags, herbs and plastic containers. Soil or charcoal is not necessary for rearing. Micro-green can also be grown on old newspapers and clean cloths. It can also be grown in soil.

Seed should be soaked for 10-12 hours. The sprouted seeds can be applied to the prepared medium. When filling with mud or dirt, take care not to over water it. Proper watering is essential. It is best to use spray for this purpose. Beginners grow only small quantities.

How to use Microgreens ?

The growth period of the microgreen is usually 10 to 15 days. It is better to harvest in two years. To grow more than two varieties, the roots should be removed. It is possible that the root has a handicap. It is best to avoid root stock even if they are grown in soil or trough. The dishes we usually make with greens can be used as a microgreen. You can also use it in your salad without baking.

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