How to deal with garden pests ?

Going into my own garden, I found it to be the most  frustrating things that can happen to a gardener is to walk away check your plants. It’s just a regular walk to make sure you are on your own The garden is thriving, but you find holes in all your plants. It looked great hours ago. Some of the holes that kill these plants are garden pests. The main garden pests are slugs,caterpillars,  worms,  birds, occasional gopher and snails . Although you can never completely wipe out these pests, you must do something after your hard work in the garden.


Insects are one of the worst in your garden; They can live under the soil, in old weeds, in heaps of leaves, and in other places. To help keep insects away, always try to find places in your garden and garden where these insects and other herbivores can live. Remove old leaves, weeds or any other perishable material from insects and diseases from your yard. In addition, regularly rotate the soil in your garden, dismantling any dirt clusters so that any insects hiding in the ground can eliminate living spaces.

Another way to get rid of pests in your garden is inactive spray, which is used to control destructive insects and diseases. When your plants are inactive, it is usually best to use an inactive spray in late February or early March. In my garden I have used inactive spray several times, which has worked wonders in keeping insects away. As I learned from experience, an inactive spray is only effective if you follow the right instructions. When I first decided to use some of my garden, I threw it everywhere in the hope that it would kill everything badly. Unfortunately my entire garden was killed along with my neighbors. Some insects are beneficial to your garden, so be sure which insects help your garden.

Another pest problem I had, besides insects, was birds. Whenever I see birds in my garden, I run them, but as soon as I get inside, they return. The solution I brought to keep the birds away from my garden is to put a bird feeder in my yard. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on my garden, the birds feed on the bird feeders. Not only can a bird feeder help keep birds away from your garden, they can also be a new part of your yard decoration. My bird feeding problem was minimized, though it didn’t completely eliminate my bird problem. Getting a dog has also helped.

If you start to see dirt in your yard, and your plants are dying to be explained, you may assume that you have a gopher problem. Thankfully, this is one of the few gardening pastries I haven’t had. However my friend is very gopher, so I decided to research it. Gophers are five to fourteen inches long. Their fur can be black, light brown or white, and they have short tails. One way to get rid of these root-eating pests is to set traps. The key to successfully capturing a gopher with a trap is to successfully locate the gopher’s tunnels and set the trap properly. Another way to escape from them is to smoke bombs, which you put into the tunnel and the smoke will spread through it and reach the gopher.

If you suspect that your orchards are being robbed by any of the pests I have mentioned, I urge you to try your hardest to eliminate the problem as soon as possible. The more stable you are, the more stable you become.

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