Flowering shrubs in to unique flowering trees.

There is nothing more beautiful than a fully flowering plant, except maybe a flowering flower that has been trained to grow into a single tree. Imagine having a fragrant Viburnum Tree right next to your patio or outside the bedroom window, and wake up to such a wonderful savor.

Go to this website to see how the pussy willow grows from the cuttings, and then trains them into a single pole:

Not to be confused with what I am going to explain here, with the usual technique of grafting flowering plants to the tall stalk of any rootstock. The paste is very effective, but not easy. It’s very easy. Moreover, as you train the shrubs to grow into a single stalk, you may end up with some very interesting plants.

Training a flowering plant to grow on a single stalk is quite simple. The shrub you start with is small and easy to train. I have a friend who grows thousands of tree hydrangeas every year, and this is how he trains them. PG is the variety he grows for this purpose. Hydrangea. (Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora) It is one with white snowball flowers.

He starts with rooted cuttings and draws them 30 30 apart. The first year allows them to grow into multi-stem shrubs. Because of the fast-growing shrubs, they usually produce 3 to 4 branches. Selects a stalk, and o If a stake, ASEAN is likely to grow from the roots up.

He then clips all the other branches to the main stem. Then a pole on the ground is attached to the main stalk, and the edge is cut from the remaining single stalk. This forces the plant to place the lateral buds immediately below the growth. These lateral buds grow into branches that become the head of the tree. He then ties the pole to the stake.

As it begins to grow, any buds that appear beneath those upper buds are taken to maintain a single stem tree form. That’s all there is to it. You can use almost anything as a stock, and fasten a piece of cloth to the stem. I anchor the plants with a single wrap of duct tape. If I wrap the tape only once, the sun will dry the glue, and the tape will automatically fall off in about 12 months. The 1/2 electrical tubing (corridor) makes a good share and is only two bucks for a 10-foot piece.

If you can find a branch that can be attached to a vertical stack, you can do this using an old installed shrub. The stalk may not be curved and smooth due to cuts from the area where the branches are removed, but that does not mean you cannot create an attractive plant. Some of the shrubs that make beautiful and unique ornamental trees are viburnums, burning bush, winged burning bush, red and yellow twigs

I’m sure there is plenty more. My favorite shrub to train for a single stalk is Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick. In the form of shrubs, this plant is very interesting with twisted and branched branches. The new growth is reminiscent of a pig’s tail. Using the same technique described above, I select a single pole and attach it to a pillar and train it to grow into a single pole. The effect is unique.

Call your local garden store and ask if they have a Harry Loader’s walking stick plant. Give it a try; I’m sure you’ll find it interesting and create some really interesting plants for your landscape.

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