Choose the best flowers for spring.

Flowers For Spring
After a long, cold winter, you may be eagerly awaiting the first signs of Spring. Springtime automatically brings to mind the flowers. Choosing the best flowers for Spring is difficult, and this can often be confusing. One of the most effective ways to ensure spring-blooming each year is to plant bulbs in the fall in the middle of winter. There are certainly flowering plants that you can buy from your local nursery. However, you will want to make sure that any chance of frosty weather has passed before planting, and that in many parts of the country, the end of the season and the end of Spring are not enough. You always have the option of buying bulbs that are grown in pots in winter and stored in most garden centers starting at the end of winter. Here are a few choices of flowering plants that are suitable for planting and blooming in early Spring:

The best flowers for Spring.

Flowers For SpringWinter Aconite, or Eranthis hyemalis,will give you yellow flowers about three inches high, similar to regular buttercups. If you live in a warm, warm area, these special bulbs will start to bloom in early January, and you can get better results by planting them together as they fall to the ground.

Flowers For Spring
Glory of the Snow, or Chionodoxa lucilier, produces blue flowers with a white center. Plants grow to a height of six to ten inches, making this particular plant very comfortable for walkways, borders, and rock gardens. You may also find white/pink varieties depending on where you live.                                                                                        

Flowers For Spring

Spring snowflake, or leucojum vernum, gives you bell-shaped flowers that fall from the green part of the plant. It is six to twelve inches tall and has a white color and small green spots on the petals. You can plant them in clumps and watch the flowers from late February to early March. Like any other springtime bulb, they are planted in the autumn. However, if you buy potted bulbs that have already started growing, you can plant them in the middle of winter.

Netted Iris or  iris reticulate, is a delicate aroma and is usually purple in color. However, you can find pale blue and white iris in many areas. Irisus is one of the earliest flowering plants, and you can expect a beautiful flower show in early March. Like any other type of bulb, you need to thin the bulbs overtime after several growing seasons, as they tend to reproduce rapidly and inhibit the growth of plants due to excessive congestion.


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