Mint, The herb of cure.

Mentha species or mint, as they are commonly called, include many varieties that enjoy everything from appetite to dessert. The best known species in North America are pepper (M. x piperita) and spearmint (M. spicata), which are highly valued for commercial use. The mint symbolizes “hospitality,” and can be grown in pots and pans, in […]

The facts about Rosemary herb.

Rosemary is related to the mint family, and derives its name from the Latin origin “sea ice.” Rosemary is very common in Mediterranean cuisine and has a slightly bitter flavor. That’s right, but oily foods compliment this pretty well. Rosemary leaves can be made from a tizane, which is very popular when cooking. First it […]

Basil is the king of herbs.

One of the most popular herbs is commonly known as Sweet Basil, Ocimum basilicum. Often called the King of Medicinal Plants, mint can be grown indoors or outdoors. The sweet mint has an velvety, oval-pointed, dark green leaves and a clove-pepper smell and taste. The sweet Basil makes a beautiful, bushy little plant, and grows […]

The facts about Basil herb.

Basil herb is a popular and using for cooking. It is a very versatile plant and is used in Italian, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine. It has a warm, aromatic but mild flavor and hints of spice zones. Everyone knows that this goes well with tomatoes, where they can be served raw in salads like classic […]

Make your Herbal garden.

If you are not a person who wants to spend time managing a vast fruit or vegetable garden, consider planting and maintaining an herb garden. Although the product may not seem important, you will still enjoy the constant availability of new ones, a delicious herb to enjoy your meal. First you want to choose the herbs […]