How to pack Orchid and Anthurium after harvest ?

Orchid and Anthurium are two of the marketable flowers. Let us take a look at the steps that have been taken after plucking these flowers exported abroad. This article describes how to pack orchid and Anthurium in very nice way. Orchid Fifty percent of the flowers in the inflorescence can be harvested when they hatch. […]

Bougainvillea, crown prince of garden.

Bougainvillea is the crown prince of the every  garden. Bougainvillea is dominant in our gardens when it rains. The sun burned with flowers in so many colors that the head of the paper would not rise to the spotlight. Let’s make Bonsai Bougainvillea is no mere decoration today. This bouquet is in great demand as […]

Vegetable gardening , important facts and tips.

Before taking the Vegetable gardening individually, I will outline the general cultivation that is applicable to all. The three purposes of farming are to remove weeds, (1) release air into the soil, free up unavailable plant food, and (2) protect moisture. When it comes to weeds, there is no need for any experienced gardener to […]

How to set up a Butterfly gardening.

What is Butterfly Gardening? Simply put, Butterfly Gardening is the art of growing flowers and plants that attract these colorful and beautiful creatures to your garden. Enjoy your family and visitors with beautiful butterflies, but be sure to create a safe habitat for them. If you have cats, rethink your plans, as it is a […]

Calla Lilies, beauty of your garden.

Calla lilies are a species of the genus Santaceae of the Araceae family. This genus contains seven plant species, all of which are known as Beautiful Calla Lilies. Some of them have other common names. The Great White Arum Lily, also known as the Common Aurum Lily, is known as the Santadhesia Ethiopica. Santadhesia albomaculata […]

How to design your Rose garden.

Rose gardens are one of the most beautiful flower gardens, but they are also the most difficult to grow and care for.This does not mean you should not try it; it means that you have to research the subject, so you are well prepared.  The biggest challenge you face when researching rose garden material is […]

How to plant and care Fuchsia Plants ?

If you want attractive flowering plants for shade, rely on the fuchsia plant. Whether you plant fuchsia flowers in individual pots or window boxes or baskets, fuchsia plants are beautiful flowering plants known for their grace and elegance. There are hundreds of species of fuchsia flowers in single, double, rose, purple, white shades and upright […]

Black Lace flower offers beauty and berries.

Good design not only makes your home look more beautiful, but it can also bloom into your garden. Since plants are worth a fraction of the cost of new furniture, the do-it-yourself decorating wallet is easy to find. Here are some ideas that you would like to cultivate. The Black lace flower is perfect for […]

The growing greatest flowers.

Most gardeners try to grow the best and most beautiful flowers, but that goal is challenging to achieve.Whether you want to grow gift-winning flowers or have a home garden full of beautiful flowers, there are a few things you can do to ensure your garden.Soil chemicals are the most significant factor in the success or […]

How to take care your Roses.

Rose is a beautiful flower and is considered the queen of all flowers. The inherent beauty of the roses is not plain; No other flower can compare to this. Gardeners who grow their own Rose Gardens have much to gain by the fruits of their labor and to the care and care of their gardens. […]