Instructions for bonsai seeds germination.

This article describes the instructions for  bonsai seeds germination and related information. About basic care of seeds. It is important to maintain freshness of the seeds to facilitate proper germination. This is why we store all our seeds in a refrigerator dedicated to this purpose. So, to keep your freshness fresh until you are ready […]

Bonsai, a tree in a pot.

Bonsai is a Japanese word, but its roots are Chinese, which is derived from the word “punza”. This word means “tree in a pot”. The practice of growing trees in a pot was originally Chinese, but the practice of growing bonsai trees was made an art form when the Japanese introduced them 5 centuries ago. […]

Basic styles of bonsai trees.

Bonsai, as a Japanese art form, is more restrictive than Chinese counterpart Penning. Bonsai is trying to get the perfect view, and Penning is trying to recreate nature. That is why if you follow the rules of the rules, Bonsai has the best styling, while Penning will make you free for your work. Read different […]