Calla Lilies, beauty of your garden.

Calla lilies are a species of the genus Santaceae of the Araceae family. This genus contains seven plant species, all of which are known as Beautiful Calla Lilies. Some of them have other common names. The Great White Arum Lily, also known as the Common Aurum Lily, is known as the Santadhesia Ethiopica. Santadhesia albomaculata is sometimes called spotted aram lily and Santadhesia rehmani pink aram lily. Santadhesia eleotiana has a shade of yellow, so it is called a yellow or golden chamber lily.

Calla Lilies

All seasoned lilies are native to the African continent and are found between North Malawi and South Africa. They are often called auram lilies. Do not confuse the term lilies with the flowers found in the genus Aresi. There is only one species in this genus, the genus Calla palustris, and unlike the lilies, it grows in Europe, North America and North Asia from the temperate zones of temperate zoos. Another source of confusion regarding leg lilies is that they do not actually belong to the lily family.

Calla lilies are all rhizomatous plants that can reach a height of 1–2.5 m. The  Calla lilies leaves are  growing up to 45 cm. The name  Calla is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘beautiful’. This is a fitting name, as Calla Lilies are universally acclaimed for its exquisite beauty. These flowers are grown indoors and in greenhouses in areas that are very cold. When planting your time lilies, it is important that the soil is saline as the time lilies are very sensitive to salt. It is a fast growing and durable plant, as long as it provides the right soil, plenty of water and plenty of sunlight for your seasonal lily. Use nutrient-rich soil that flows easily. Keep your leg lily in direct sunlight or light shade. The Calla Lilies will do their best while maintaining a temperature of 70 degrees F.

Calla Lilies

Theodore Living Period Lilies need no fertilization as long as they are planted in rich soil. Indoor periodic lilies, or periodic lilies, which are planted in pots, should be fed with regular liquid plant food. You can either mix a very weak plant food solution and use it whenever your seasoning lilies are wet, or by adding a slightly stronger – but still mild – mixture to your plant every three weeks.

After the flowering period, you should allow the plant’s foliage to mature. Remove flowers as early as they begin to fade and wither. Slowly reduce the amount of water until the leaves turn black. The tubers need at least 3 months of rest before they can re-bloom. Because Calla Lily is growing so rapidly that it needs re potting, this is the perfect time to do it.

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