Blue flowers add color and style to any garden.

Blue flowers are some of the most impressive plants around and can add a rich splash of color to any garden.Plant them in a cluster of all blue or combine them with other flowers for a colored rainbow.When planting flowers, it is important to remember to follow the instructions on the plant tag.

Always buy plants that will thrive under the conditions you intend to grow.A sun-loving plant will not work well in a shady area, and you will be disappointed with the results.When planning your garden, be aware of the timing of flowering.

Planting perennial plants with different flowers next to each other will ensure a flower garden every season.Also, remember to plan the height of the plants. Consider the flowers in the table below for your garden.

The blue flowers list.

Blue flowers

Polemonuim  also known as Jacob’s ladder is a  compact plant with deep sky blue flowers that grows up to 10 inch in late spring and early summer. Sow partial shade and well drained soil.

Blue flowers

Blue Sea Holly – This dramatic plant has a lavender blue cone with long petals like a flower.It grows up to 30 “and is a favorite for dry floral arrangements. Plant in full sun – bloom from summer to end.
Blue flowers

Delphinium also known as Butterfly Blue is a right blue delicate flowers adorn a plant that blooms halfway through the beginning of summer. It reaches a height of 10 inch tall and selects a sunny spot with abundant moist soil.

Blue flowers
also known as  Blue Carpet is a bright blue to lilac-colored flowers bloom for weeks at a time. These low-growing perennials grow to 4 “and prefer full sun to well-drained soil.

Penstemon aslo known as  Blue Buckle – This plant has tubular-shaped flowers that range from blue to purple and mid-summer. It grows up to 15 “and prefers well-drained soils with full or partial sun.

Hydrangea also known as  Nico Blue is  giant clumps of blue flower adorn this shrub for most of the summer. The plant is a new species that prefers rich soil. But can grow in the shade, partial sun, or full sun.

Vinka is medium blue flowers and shiny green leaves can grow to about 6 “tall and bloom in the middle of spring. The plant grows in most soil conditions, in the shade or the sun.

Ajuga also known as Bronze Beauty is short bush plant has spikes of blue flowers, and it grows fast. It blooms in the spring and prefers a shady area

Scabiosa also known as Butterfly Blue – A bush with lavender-blue flower blooms from June to October.This plant loves full sun and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

Verbena also known as  Babylon Blue – The petals of blue purple flowers adorn a plant that blooms in early spring. Great for window boxes and planters.

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