6 tips for your fresh cut flowers !

cut flowers

So you’re going to bring home the grocery store or florist-bought cut flowers, now what! I’ve seen a lot of people pour them into a bowl, and that’s it. While it may work at times, here are some simple tips to make you look like a pro.

1) In a clean bowl, take your greens first, tear the edges to the size you want, and then begin cutting the stems into the vase so that you have the stems inside the vase. There are two reasons for this. One, because you now have a foundation and two for floral arrangement; It makes it easy to place a cross of a flower on the stem.

2) If you are making a small, low arrangement, slide the flowers into a crease cross so that the stems go around the inside of the vase. You should now have a vase with a ring of cut flowers on the outside, nothing but the stem showing in the middle. (The more stems you have in the jar, the easier it is to store the flowers!) The rows of flowers will get higher each time you get a circular arrangement.

3) If you are making a tall setting, use a tall slim vase. It will keep your flowers looking good and will look proportionate. The best flowers are Gladiolus, Blue Delphinium, Lotus, and Snapdragon. Sometimes you get tall tulips, and that sounds fantastic.

4) One design mistake I have seen often is to put flowers in a bowl. The reason this doesn’t work is because it seems unnatural. Look into any garden, you will see some flowers flowing out, some are indoors; Some are almost hidden but contribute to the overall look. Imitate nature, you will not go wrong! Don’t be afraid to catch some of those flowers.

cut flowers

5) The best behavior is to use an odd number of flowers. That means using 3 roses together or 5. Even numbers are ineffective. For example, if you are using 5 roses, place 3 in the lower center of the vase (touch, but slightly different length) and then two up.

6) If you are really new to floral design, the best advice I can give you is to collect pictures of floral arrangements that you like, using the tips I mentioned above, and practice looking at pictures. Soon, you will look like a pro!

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