The history of organic vegetable gardening.

The history of organic vegetable gardening dates back several centuries ago as ancient civilizations relied on this livelihood and fishing to put food on the table.At the time, no one used fertilizers and pesticides but as the world population increased, so did the demand for food. To fill the void, scientists decided to introduce fertilizers […]

How to choose best planting seeds.

Many reliable seed house can be relied upon for good seed; But even so, there is a huge risk in the seeds. The seeds for all manifestations may be fine and yet do not have sufficient vitality or strength to produce a solid plant. If you save seeds from your plants, you can choose carefully. […]

How to pack Orchid and Anthurium after harvest ?

Orchid and Anthurium are two of the marketable flowers. Let us take a look at the steps that have been taken after plucking these flowers exported abroad. This article describes how to pack orchid and Anthurium in very nice way. Orchid Fifty percent of the flowers in the inflorescence can be harvested when they hatch. […]

How to Grow and use the Microgreens ?

There is a large number of us who want to eat crops that are grown and harvested. Many people plant and moisturize as much as they can. But this is not always feasible. Those who live in the flat have difficulties in this regard. Cultivation will be confined to one area of ​​the balcony. But […]

Bougainvillea, crown prince of garden.

Bougainvillea is the crown prince of the every  garden. Bougainvillea is dominant in our gardens when it rains. The sun burned with flowers in so many colors that the head of the paper would not rise to the spotlight. Let’s make Bonsai Bougainvillea is no mere decoration today. This bouquet is in great demand as […]

How to set up a drip irrigation system ?

If you are looking for ways to irrigate your garden without too much time and money, you may have gone through a lot of options. You may consider watering a sprinkler, hose, or old-fashioned one. All of these methods may be convenient, but most of the time you waste water on plants that don’t need […]

Vegetable gardening , important facts and tips.

Before taking the Vegetable gardening individually, I will outline the general cultivation that is applicable to all. The three purposes of farming are to remove weeds, (1) release air into the soil, free up unavailable plant food, and (2) protect moisture. When it comes to weeds, there is no need for any experienced gardener to […]

How to use seeds for best result ?

This is a huge problem that many people face. It may sound trivial, but for a farmer, the problem is serious. Therefore, many depend on seedlings for sale in nurseries. Some of the most common folk varieties are available in nurseries.. There is only one problem if you understand one or two fundamentals. Only quality seeds […]

Special tips for landscaping in less cost.

Installing and maintaining landscaping around your home is an expensive job. Even the best landscape can end up being a source of distress instead of enjoyment – if it costs more than you can install and maintain. With these few helpful tips, you can save money on landscaping without losing quality or beauty. Plan before […]

Why use landscaping stones ?

There are many reasons to incorporate landscaping stones into your landscaping design. What is important, however, is beauty and pure beauty. The landscape design requires a layer to make it look good, which can be difficult to achieve without using landscaping stones. Landscape stones are not the only way to provide depth to your yard, […]